When the Smoke Clears
I might need to take a hiatus until I can get my computer fixed. I've been having problems with it. But, as soon as it's done, I will be up and ready to RP!
- Anonymous

Hello Dearie!! I’m afraid to say I haven’t a clue who this is. If you could fill out the hiatus form ( /hform on our main) and submit it we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!
~A Mobile Admin Hearts

Who will Jared Padalecki be?
- Anonymous

I’ve changed my mind for him a few times… so I’m not certain enough to give you a real answer on this… When i decide I’ll get bio out ASAP! ~ ♥

Are the 3 gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame planned?
- Anonymous

Hmmm Well I personally hadn’t planned them out yet but if someone is interested in playing them I can write one up. I’d just need to know which is preferred! ~ ♥

What about slush from Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings
- Anonymous

We’ll add him to the list! The fairies are Club’s area of expertise so perhaps she’d be willing. If not i’ll brush up on my fairy research and write him up for you! ~ ♥

Admin Hearts: Online!

So I’m going to be around for a bit, don’t hesitate to message if you need me!

+ 1 Andrea Urchin

Total App Count can be found here~

+ 1 Andrea Urchin

Total App Count can be found here~

Will you be having any Wizard of Oz bios??
- Anonymous

Yes of course! I’m actually working on one right now! Who do you want to see? ~ ♥

Addition to Bios

Since it seems to have become a repeated issue, we’ve marked bios with Negotiable, or Non-Negotiable for whether or not we’ll be willing to change the faceclaim. We spend hours on figuring these out and honestly? Many people tend to argue with us. And then when we say no to certain choices because we simply don’t see it, they get angry. 

If you are going to debate with us over our faceclaims, please be prepared to present more than one option. And please be prepared to search again because we have many fcs planned behind the scenes and certain ideas for how a character should be portrayed, and we choose these faceclaims for specific reasons.

Please, respect us and we’ll respect you. But keep in mind you don’t know all of the faceclaims we have planned and it may be a bit of an ordeal to change a fc. Not all changes will be accepted. Some may, but from now on we’ll have characters marked with how willing we’d be to change the FC.

Thank you.~ ♥

How about the jabberwocky?
- Anonymous

Hmm… We’re still debating whether or not to base it off of OUATIW since we’re not longer using it for a plot like planned, so… We’ll get it out as soon as we talk it over! Definitely adding to the list! ~ ♥

Hey Hey Hey!!

Admin Hearts around! Finally getting to those bios I’ve been trying to write for the past week or so… any requests? I can add them to our to do list! ~ ♥